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Rolling Hills Business park, highly visible, with a 55’ pylon off of Highway 41. This development is a stone throw away from newly built master plan Riverstone, slightly over 5 miles to Riverpark Shopping Center, 2 miles to Valley Children’s Hospital, and close proximity to North Clovis’ Copper River Ranch. The Rio Mesa Area Plan specifies 15,000 acres for potential large-scale development in an area bounded by Highway 41, the San Joaquin River, Millerton Lake, and North Fresno County.

This area of South Madera County is being developed with several residential communities, which will total more than 20,000 homesites over the next decade, which will continue to elevate the need for supporting commercial services, and the subject is poised to satisfy the current and anticipated demand.


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60+ Parking Spaces

31k+ Cars Daily

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The Rolling Hills Business Park is located in the rapidly growing area of South Madera County. The area is currently undergoing significant development, with several residential communities being built that will include more than 20,000 homesites over the next decade. This significant increase in population will greatly elevate the need for supporting commercial services such as retail, dining, and other amenities. The Rolling Hills Business Park is poised to satisfy this current and anticipated demand by offering a variety of commercial and industrial properties for lease or purchase.

Businesses that locate in Rolling Hills will also have access to a skilled workforce, as the central valley is home to several colleges and universities, including California State University, Fresno. Rolling Hills Business Park will not only provide economic growth but also environmental and social benefits to the area. This new development is a major step towards making Madera a premier business destination in the San Joaquin Valley.

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